Information Technology

System Engineer

Bengaluru, Karnataka
Work Type: Full Time
We at LiftOff specialize in product creation, for our main forte lies in helping Entrepreneurs realize their dreams. We have helped businesses and entrepreneurs launch more than 70 products.

Many on the team are serial entrepreneurs with a history of successful exits.
As a Systems Engineer / Architect you will work directly with our founders and alongside our engineers on a variety of software projects covering various languages, frameworks, and application architectures.
About the Role
If you’re driven by a passion to build something great from scratch, a desire to innovate, and a commitment to achieve excellence in your craft, LiftOff is a great place for you.

Experience: 6+ years of experience in the industry with a proven track record of delivering high-performance, scalable system-level solutions.
-Familiarity with the hierarchy of processes, windows, and how they communicate
-In-depth experience with multi-threaded development
-Experience with the Windows API
-Experience using networking libraries and writing networking code
-WinDbg for analyzing dumps
-Comfortable with analyzing disassembly
-Familiarity with Windows Hooks and Injection
-Use of MAPI
-Driver Development
-Browser extension development
-Objective-C and Swift coding experience
-Nice to have experience with C++ Boost and/or Go, Windows Graph API

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