Information Technology

DevOps Engineer

Bengaluru, Karnataka
Work Type: Full Time
Why  LiftOff? 
We at LiftOff specialize in product creation, for our main forte lies in helping Entrepreneurs realize their dream. We have helped businesses and entrepreneurs launch more than 70 plus products.
Many on the team are serial entrepreneurs with a history of successful exits.
As a DevOps Engineer you will work directly with our founders and alongside our engineers on a variety of software projects covering various languages, frameworks, and application architectures.

About The Role

-Should have at least 3 - 5yrs of experience, with at least 1+ yrs in DevOps role
-Should be proficient with AWS Services & be comfortable in setting up the required infrastructure for a new cluster
-Should have knowledge of setting up required monitoring tools, that would generate the alerts in case of exceptions
-Should have knowledge of system security & be able to setup the required services, access controls to ensure environments are secure
-Engineer will be responsible to work across multiple projects, should be comfortable with planning his day / week to work on need basis across projects
-Knowledge of Kubernetes cluster setup, that could scale up / down based on the traffic
-Knowledge of Google GCP, Azure related services is an advantage
-Should be comfortable with Edge Computing related infrastructure
-Knowledge of Cloudflare is an advantage, ability to setup workers / frontend apps on
-Should be comfortable in setting up the required CI / CD for a new project, that would get the QA / Stage cluster based on the branch

We are a group of passionate people driven by core values. We strive to make every process transparent and have flexible work timings along with excellent startup culture and vibe.

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